Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Second Hand Heaven

Incomplete meaningless
Abstract chain of endless
Events and incidents
leaving new indents
On the mesh of neurons
Already in mess
Feeling free and light
No worries no stress

Wobbling out of axis
Involuntary impulses
Twitched and waned
Sharp and blurred
Colorless and colored
Images and impressions
Lost and recurred

A second hand heaven
A fake utopia
Blue beach and golden sand
In scorching heat of Ethiopia

Imagination rides on Mac Lauren
and reaction time under-rated
High on cloud nine
When actually you are inebriated.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everyday I read quotes in the newspaper by leaders ( famous and infamous), spiritual gurus,novelists,actors,business tycoons, environmentalists , musicians,sportsmen and the list goes on...I am none of them which means there is a little probability that someday i will see my 'Layman-quotes' in even any 'local evening daily '( Until and unless i start my own Press ) .
So I clubbed some of them in this post.

+ Rework gives a sense of deja vu.

+ Caught in a virtual matrix of life , where is morpheus ?

+ Its good to be an optimist,but very important to be practical!

+ At very atomic level ,be a proton and think positive.

+ What goes up must come down, unless u r moving @ escape velocity.

+ If u wanna be rich.Just Shut up and keep quiet.Because silence is Golden.

+ Common wealth games: Game ministers play to divert Common Wealth of taxpayers.

+ Experiencing extra downward pull, partially due to gravity and partially due to work.

+ In 3g technology we communicate at an acceleration of 29.4 m/s^2.

+ I would like to remove fourth dimension to make life simpler.

+ Some variables are constant.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let Loose this Louse

Nothing to write
Nothing to say
Sometimes I am blank
Thoughtless and astray

Searching for a theme
Which can redeem
Draught of subject
and let me project

An image in words
Relevant or absurd
Real or Surreal
Explicit or unclear

After a week
When curiosity grew weak
I doubted that geek
Who used to pick
Kaleidoscope of topic
Has no new trick
Then a tiny insect
Jolted my tiny intellect
A domestic louse's prick
Makes my head tick
Events of last week
Now seems like a flick
It's stills and script
Became my new topic

Hence a pet louse
Helped me select and choose
New subject for this blog
By clearing confusion's clog

Don't Write Me Off Just Yet

'Don't write me off just yet' is a sweet song from movie 'Music and Lyrics'. First time i heard about this song from one of my friend.This video is a conglomeration of stills from this movie.

*Vocal and Guitar Chords by Me.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guess What It Is?

Sometimes delight
Sometimes in plight
Fails to explain
Many tried but in vain
Millions of plots
In one nanosecond slot
Which way it tilts
Complex mechanism in built
Sometimes go forward
and sometimes rewind
Guess what it is
Yes it is our mind

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey There Delilah...

'Hey There Delilah' is a sweet and romantic love song by band 'Plain White Ts ' with soul touching lyrics.Introduced to me by my friend Gondy en route to Nainitaal we all played this song till his mobile's Chinese batteries bid last good-bye.I have tried to redescribe the essence of this song by selecting some random stills .Not seeing the original video just helped me representing the theme with unbiased mindset.

*Vocal and Guitar Chords by me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Late Night Blues

Its 23:00 hrs IST
Alone in cubicle
Busy at work
Toiling like a jerk
Earning credit points
For year end Perks

Oblivious of time
Unaware of place
I realised an alterego
Intruding my personal space

I miss dinner with family
and missing familiarity
They know me as someone
Who used to be their son

My accoustic guitar
Now an untouched wooden bar
Layers of dust
Piling up on its polished crust

Smile is on a Sabbath
And fun on casual leave
Finger tip lines have faded
By punching acrylic keys

Hanging out with friends
is now an obscure trend
Workstation is my new date
For four consecutive weekends

For few extra cash
I allured in a mesh
Let all priceless moments
Become past in my present

I need a break
My identity is at stake
This is not me
A workaholic Zombie

Family,friends and fun
I need back all of them
Blogs,trekking and guitar
Will be again on 'Must-do' altar
Movies,nightouts and beer
Are making a comeback my dear

Protagonist of this Renaissance
Brainwashed all junk views
A shift in priorities
To ward off 'late night blues'.

Its a compilation inspired by anecdotes featuring my friends ( and me) when we started our careers.Finally we all manipulated our new habitats to live on again as happy species in newly introduced corporate culture.