Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let Loose this Louse

Nothing to write
Nothing to say
Sometimes I am blank
Thoughtless and astray

Searching for a theme
Which can redeem
Draught of subject
and let me project

An image in words
Relevant or absurd
Real or Surreal
Explicit or unclear

After a week
When curiosity grew weak
I doubted that geek
Who used to pick
Kaleidoscope of topic
Has no new trick
Then a tiny insect
Jolted my tiny intellect
A domestic louse's prick
Makes my head tick
Events of last week
Now seems like a flick
It's stills and script
Became my new topic

Hence a pet louse
Helped me select and choose
New subject for this blog
By clearing confusion's clog


Cha said...

You're getting so much better as you keep at it.

sourabh pahwa said...

Hey Thanks Cha!

Tarun Mitra said...

Nice...well remind me of a story about King of Scotland, who after failing repeatedly became inspired by a tiny spider

sourabh pahwa said...

Nice observation Tarun!