Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mirage of Age

A generation gap
Captured in a snap
Reflection on glass
A stark contrast

Time s disparity
Uncommon similarity
A sequel of youth
A prequel of age
Future and past
At a common stage
An optical illusion
Its a mirage of age

( I clicked this pic in metro train.One can see two blurred reflections on the glass pane.An old man reading newspaper and a young fella in his prime.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Smile

A quantum of smile
Pounds of rag pile
Homeless abode
Barefoot on road

No Chalk no slate
No candy chocolate
No fail or pass
No school no class

Their entertainment
Forging brick and cement
14 inch sceen at tea stall
Their 3 D Adlabs movie hall

Life here
Without glare
Questions in stare
Is this all fair
Dark hopeless sky
Why God why
Where is all the fun
in dirt , filth and scum

Those who think
Writers with ink
Leaders who preach
listen echos of screech
Just stop and ask
Just pick one task
Lets change their life
Lets end this strife
Let this quantum of smile
Stay on for a long while

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soul Companion

When you sense
Numb to your presence
Craving for recognition
Your very own existence
Deaf to your sound
Nobody is around

Inside your soul
Out of control
A free fall in black hole
Outside its you
Standing in a queue
Facing the rage
With every ounce of courage

There is a war
Near and far
Material and virtual
Endless and perpetual

But dont loose hope
As time will change
Hold on this rope
Till variables rearrange
Master this art
Be a braveheart
At high altitude
Abyss, hell or heaven
Even in solitude
You are your sole companion