Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let Loose this Louse

Nothing to write
Nothing to say
Sometimes I am blank
Thoughtless and astray

Searching for a theme
Which can redeem
Draught of subject
and let me project

An image in words
Relevant or absurd
Real or Surreal
Explicit or unclear

After a week
When curiosity grew weak
I doubted that geek
Who used to pick
Kaleidoscope of topic
Has no new trick
Then a tiny insect
Jolted my tiny intellect
A domestic louse's prick
Makes my head tick
Events of last week
Now seems like a flick
It's stills and script
Became my new topic

Hence a pet louse
Helped me select and choose
New subject for this blog
By clearing confusion's clog

Don't Write Me Off Just Yet

'Don't write me off just yet' is a sweet song from movie 'Music and Lyrics'. First time i heard about this song from one of my friend.This video is a conglomeration of stills from this movie.

*Vocal and Guitar Chords by Me.