Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guess What It Is?

Sometimes delight
Sometimes in plight
Fails to explain
Many tried but in vain
Millions of plots
In one nanosecond slot
Which way it tilts
Complex mechanism in built
Sometimes go forward
and sometimes rewind
Guess what it is
Yes it is our mind


vaibhav said...

I thought u were talking abt S/W dev.. builds n all :)

sourabh pahwa said...

people in IT industry like us are programmed to think abt bits and bytes all the wonders..

Anu said...

kala bandar...for more details watch Delhi 6...dont blame me if your 'mind' get demented :P

sourabh pahwa said...

@ Anu:What?

Arindam Sarkar said...

well ... whatever be the comments on the blog ... but the Pic is surely amazing ... will score it 9 out of 10 !!

sourabh pahwa said...

thanks arindam