Friday, December 12, 2008

Deliberate Attempts

A comman man
Unsure of life span
When steps outside
Makes a deliberate attempt of suicide

A ride in local train
Triggers a psychic pain
Every heart beat
pulsating with fear of threat

Praying to god
A journey safe and sound
Counting the odds
& a hope to get down

Finally back on road
Still insecure life chord
Suddenly from nowhere
A monster truck appears
On a bright sunny day
light disappears

Where i am
He cried and yelled
A coarse voice's hmmm
Struck his ear drum
Welcome aboard
You are in hell

But i was on footpath
At left side of the road
Now there is blood-bath
& a snipped life chord

My leukemic blood
Soaked up in ground
Soul now in hell
Baptised by devil's hound

A lifeless anatomy
decimated dream
Pulverising his soul
His mother's scream

So this comman man
No more uncertain of life span
To make his ends meet,when stepped outside
Made a deliberate attempt of suicide

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I want something new
Untold unseen hue
Of words and worlds
Near and Far
Pure and fresh
Like a new born star

So Ideas knocked at cranium
As precious as uranimum
Deep down in grey cells
Ringing millions of jingle bells

Feeling not felt before
So much in mind yet to explore
Many unknown knowns
All distinct but still are clones

Lips shaping in little curve
Conscious shining with tons of verve
Hiding in this brains reserve
Many Eurekas safe and preserve

Monday, December 1, 2008


Although i have not clicked any of the pics in this video but i just liked the set of stills i added to comprehend some abstract snippets of this song .

(*Vocal and Guitar chords by me.)