Friday, July 2, 2010



Madam what happened ?
She said I am NORMAL
But he said, you can still tell me
I am your old friend
She said :Shut up and don’t offend

Friend was worried
Why she is so serious ?
Just few days back she was fine
And now her mood is mysterious

Friend did a Google search in brain
Tried to figure out what 's driving her insane
Break-up, periods, hair-fall who is to blame
He confirmed with her again
But the outcome was same

Finally when her eyes were a little wet
On forehead a thin layer of sweat
She uttered something
Which seemed like a threat

To his utter surprise
He was the actual culprit and vice
This stopped his processor for a while
He became serious but he smiled

He stressed his grey cells
To recall what he did
Search result was Zero
He was left perplexed instead

He asked her again
Why was he blamed?
She kept her amplitude high
He could understand the reason why

Based on his track record
He did similar things in the past
He forgot what he said
Coz he knew the joke will not last

But this time a benign joke
A funny stroke
Has hurt someone hard
She said this is the end of friendship
An end of bonhomie’s boulevard

Hence a couple of words
Have changed the meanings
Friendship chord snipped
And No hard feelings

He found this reason strange
A funny joke and they estranged.

PS:As usual there was a truce after few days and a school time friendship was restored again.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It is all for the best

From merely a probability
It became reality

What were the odds
For this odd event to happen
Where were the gods
Who could have changed course of action

Smiles disappeared
Uncertainty cleared
Standing alone among many
At the crossroads I feared

Holding my wrist
Destiny fixed my tryst
But Gods will not be blamed
In prayers they wont be ashamed

My benign wishes
Are not meant for Recycle bin
Back to square one
Soon a new journey will begin

Lets start again
Lets start afresh
Lets forget the outcomes
Coz they say, 'It is all for the best

PS:Theme and content based on movie 'Forrest Gump'.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Worth your while

Miles away from home
I travel , explore and roam

Like a kid
Excited and avid
Discovering the discovered
Uncovering the uncovered

Capturing moments in stills
As a memory which instills

A symphony in mind
An opera which reminds
An era of smile
A period 'worth your while'.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mask

I borrowed in pieces
Few grams of Peace
To scratch out and erase
Thick layers of urban grease

This smear on my face
I showcase with a fake grace
Is a slave of hedonism
Oblivious of my purpose
I adore materialism

Running madly in a rat race
To compete with incompetents
For reasons I dont know
For people who dont care

But still I am running
In all possible directions
To catch everything
To chase anything

Caught in a virtual matrix
Sleeping with eyes wide open
At times in those day dreams
I venture out of this realm

To realize the difference
Of messy tangible existence
I pledge to renounce
this school of belief
And promise myself
To turn over a new leaf

But again back in day dream
I forget to redeem
To wipe off that smear
and fake ensemble i wear

I run again in a race
To justify pride in abase
To undertake mundane task
Still on face a smeared mask.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Second Hand Heaven

Incomplete meaningless
Abstract chain of endless
Events and incidents
leaving new indents
On the mesh of neurons
Already in mess
Feeling free and light
No worries no stress

Wobbling out of axis
Involuntary impulses
Twitched and waned
Sharp and blurred
Colorless and colored
Images and impressions
Lost and recurred

A second hand heaven
A fake utopia
Blue beach and golden sand
In scorching heat of Ethiopia

Imagination rides on Mac Lauren
and reaction time under-rated
High on cloud nine
When actually you are inebriated.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everyday I read quotes in the newspaper by leaders ( famous and infamous), spiritual gurus,novelists,actors,business tycoons, environmentalists , musicians,sportsmen and the list goes on...I am none of them which means there is a little probability that someday i will see my 'Layman-quotes' in even any 'local evening daily '( Until and unless i start my own Press ) .
So I clubbed some of them in this post.

+ Rework gives a sense of deja vu.

+ Caught in a virtual matrix of life , where is morpheus ?

+ Its good to be an optimist,but very important to be practical!

+ At very atomic level ,be a proton and think positive.

+ What goes up must come down, unless u r moving @ escape velocity.

+ If u wanna be rich.Just Shut up and keep quiet.Because silence is Golden.

+ Common wealth games: Game ministers play to divert Common Wealth of taxpayers.

+ Experiencing extra downward pull, partially due to gravity and partially due to work.

+ In 3g technology we communicate at an acceleration of 29.4 m/s^2.

+ I would like to remove fourth dimension to make life simpler.

+ Some variables are constant.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let Loose this Louse

Nothing to write
Nothing to say
Sometimes I am blank
Thoughtless and astray

Searching for a theme
Which can redeem
Draught of subject
and let me project

An image in words
Relevant or absurd
Real or Surreal
Explicit or unclear

After a week
When curiosity grew weak
I doubted that geek
Who used to pick
Kaleidoscope of topic
Has no new trick
Then a tiny insect
Jolted my tiny intellect
A domestic louse's prick
Makes my head tick
Events of last week
Now seems like a flick
It's stills and script
Became my new topic

Hence a pet louse
Helped me select and choose
New subject for this blog
By clearing confusion's clog