Friday, December 12, 2008

Deliberate Attempts

A comman man
Unsure of life span
When steps outside
Makes a deliberate attempt of suicide

A ride in local train
Triggers a psychic pain
Every heart beat
pulsating with fear of threat

Praying to god
A journey safe and sound
Counting the odds
& a hope to get down

Finally back on road
Still insecure life chord
Suddenly from nowhere
A monster truck appears
On a bright sunny day
light disappears

Where i am
He cried and yelled
A coarse voice's hmmm
Struck his ear drum
Welcome aboard
You are in hell

But i was on footpath
At left side of the road
Now there is blood-bath
& a snipped life chord

My leukemic blood
Soaked up in ground
Soul now in hell
Baptised by devil's hound

A lifeless anatomy
decimated dream
Pulverising his soul
His mother's scream

So this comman man
No more uncertain of life span
To make his ends meet,when stepped outside
Made a deliberate attempt of suicide


Rohit Khurana said...

bahut dard bhari poem hai bhaya!

sourabh pahwa said...


Arindam Sarkar said...

sahi hai beta .. always thought u only write test specs and cases

Also have a look ...