Sunday, December 7, 2008


I want something new
Untold unseen hue
Of words and worlds
Near and Far
Pure and fresh
Like a new born star

So Ideas knocked at cranium
As precious as uranimum
Deep down in grey cells
Ringing millions of jingle bells

Feeling not felt before
So much in mind yet to explore
Many unknown knowns
All distinct but still are clones

Lips shaping in little curve
Conscious shining with tons of verve
Hiding in this brains reserve
Many Eurekas safe and preserve


Rohit Khurana said...

Flexi-Edge BTS ne tujhe shayar bana dala hai re!
Nice Poem :)

Cha said...

The last lines of the last two verses have got me thinking...

Perfection is achieved when feelings are captured in a few carefully and rightly chosen have done it here. Lovely acumulation of thoughts. Easy to relate to this one.

Comment on my recently posted poems if you have time. Thank you so much. Cha

Anonymous said...

Liked the flow of words.

sourabh pahwa said...

Hey thanks swapna