Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soul Companion

When you sense
Numb to your presence
Craving for recognition
Your very own existence
Deaf to your sound
Nobody is around

Inside your soul
Out of control
A free fall in black hole
Outside its you
Standing in a queue
Facing the rage
With every ounce of courage

There is a war
Near and far
Material and virtual
Endless and perpetual

But dont loose hope
As time will change
Hold on this rope
Till variables rearrange
Master this art
Be a braveheart
At high altitude
Abyss, hell or heaven
Even in solitude
You are your sole companion


abhinav srivastava said...

Nice brother.......u seems to have a slient peot sitting within urself.........keep up the good work

Anu said...

Hey welcome to blogging world :-) Nice poem to begin with :) keep it up !!

Rohit Khurana said...

Good Poem Pahwa!

vaibhav said...

nice one... hope to see more of u here... keep writing...

Shivani Anand said...

This was really good........actualy a truthness of our lives.

jatin said...

very nice poem pahwa and a very good show of your creativity.

deepika said...

hey saurabh, awesome stuff .... i never knew i write sooo good. keep it up dude!!