Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Smile

A quantum of smile
Pounds of rag pile
Homeless abode
Barefoot on road

No Chalk no slate
No candy chocolate
No fail or pass
No school no class

Their entertainment
Forging brick and cement
14 inch sceen at tea stall
Their 3 D Adlabs movie hall

Life here
Without glare
Questions in stare
Is this all fair
Dark hopeless sky
Why God why
Where is all the fun
in dirt , filth and scum

Those who think
Writers with ink
Leaders who preach
listen echos of screech
Just stop and ask
Just pick one task
Lets change their life
Lets end this strife
Let this quantum of smile
Stay on for a long while


Anu said...

Budding Poet :)

Cha said...

The ending hit me well. Keep writing, not for the sake of poetry, but for the sake of letting it out. Then, you'll find it easier. ;-D

sourabh pahwa said...

hey thanks Cha

Rohit Khurana said...

You are a good human being, noble thoughts pahwa!

stallion said...

Very touching indeed! The picture also adds to the feeling you want to express.

Ankit said...

I read dem all.. i found dis 1 most touchin... cheers mate.. keep writin.. !! :)

sourabh pahwa said...