Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mirage of Age

A generation gap
Captured in a snap
Reflection on glass
A stark contrast

Time s disparity
Uncommon similarity
A sequel of youth
A prequel of age
Future and past
At a common stage
An optical illusion
Its a mirage of age

( I clicked this pic in metro train.One can see two blurred reflections on the glass pane.An old man reading newspaper and a young fella in his prime.)


Rohit Khurana said...

Simply Brilliant, amazing visualization and perfect words !
Great Buddy! Keep it up!

stallion said...

Well said, especially the lines "A sequel of youth, a prequel of age" are BEA-utiful!

Sush said...

Hi. Great Photo.
And i also liked the "A sequel of youth, a prequel of age".