Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mask

I borrowed in pieces
Few grams of Peace
To scratch out and erase
Thick layers of urban grease

This smear on my face
I showcase with a fake grace
Is a slave of hedonism
Oblivious of my purpose
I adore materialism

Running madly in a rat race
To compete with incompetents
For reasons I dont know
For people who dont care

But still I am running
In all possible directions
To catch everything
To chase anything

Caught in a virtual matrix
Sleeping with eyes wide open
At times in those day dreams
I venture out of this realm

To realize the difference
Of messy tangible existence
I pledge to renounce
this school of belief
And promise myself
To turn over a new leaf

But again back in day dream
I forget to redeem
To wipe off that smear
and fake ensemble i wear

I run again in a race
To justify pride in abase
To undertake mundane task
Still on face a smeared mask.


Anu said...

Touching and Profound !!

sourabh pahwa said...

@ Anu: like a documentary in black n white

Anupam said...

awesome bro...

sourabh pahwa said...

@anupam:Thanks sir

Rohit Khurana said...

Kudos for your talent, true and profound words !

sourabh pahwa said...

@khurana:hey thanks khurana for encouraging absurdity

Anu said...

@Sourabh - Modesty at peak !

sourabh pahwa said...

@anu:A comment from IIM wali janta is an honour

Anu said...

Was just wondering, till yesterday I was a friend and today the IIM thing made me a janta...that was it ?